SHALOSH ECO - highest level of occupational safety


Mobile UMTS personal-emergency signal device SHALOSH ECO for the protection of Service and Maintenance personnel, who work indoors and outdoors. Outdoors, localisation is carried out via the integrated A-GPS. The tried and tested Felsenmeer beacons are used indoors.


An alarm is triggered either manually or automatically when a hazardous situation is identified.

When the alarm rings, an audio connection to a defined control centre is automatically established via the public mobile phone network.


The casualty is located in the building or on the premises. His position is sent to the CONTROL CENTER or to his colleagues via SMS. The UMTS personal alarm system also offers additional safety functions such as connection test, sensor test and a guard control mode.


The design, durability and range of functions of Felsenmeer devices are "state of the art". Typical work clothes in such surroundings (for example gloves) pose no challenge when using FELSENMEER UMTS systems: big buttons, which can be distinctly operated in any situation (even while wearing work gloves) always allow unmistakable operation.



Emergeny call with red button

Data SMS to the CONTROL CENTER and a clear text SMS to the colleague.

GSM and UMTS network connection

Floor Precise Localization

Geofence Alarm

Standby up to 200 hours

Talk time up to 8 hours

Web Server configurable as alarm target

Mailbox Detection

Efficient hardware

Localisation indoor

Localisation outdoor

Integrated fall sensor

Remote Update possible

Can be operated with a glove

110 dBA strong alarm in emergency

Can be programmed with service stick

Alarm functions:

Pressure alarm 


The red button can be found without looking and can be triggered unmistakeably in extreme emergency situations. 

Works even when the device is switched off! 


Position alarm


Triggered if in horizontal position for a defined, configurable time. The angle can also be configured.

Position alarm turned 90°


This type of alarm is suitable for sedentary activities. The SHALOSH ECO can be configured to normally be on the long, narrow side. With a special configuration, the SHALOSH ECO can now lie on a long narrow side

without raising an alarm. It will raise an alarm when it lies flat on its keys, its rear

loudspeaker, when upright or head down.

No movement alarm


No movement alarm - triggered if no movement for a defined, configurable time.

Time alarm


Triggered if a button is not pressed within a specified, adjustable time period.

Fall alarm


Triggered by falling with adjustable sensitivity.


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Operating instructions SHALOSH ECO - English
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