BEACON ECO - maximum coverage, effective localisation, low costs


Helpers have to reach the lone worker quickly if he has had an accident. For this, they need to know where the accident has occurred, otherwise they lose precious time in looking for him in the whole building. The beacon provides this precise location information.


It is installed in a fixed location for this purpose. This location is stored with the beacon identifier in an alarm management software such as the Control Centre. The beacon sends its identifier every four seconds. This identifier is received by system-conforming personal emergency-call mobiles such as GSM S EX PLUS or SHALOSH ECO. In an emergency, this identifier is sent from the emergency call device to the alarm server. This helps to determine the location of the person who has had an accident and the rescue team can be led to him accurately.




Most simple operation and commissioning

Can be programmed with service stick

Efficient hardware

Indoor localization

Outdoor localization

Wireless assembly

Operating duration

  • BEACON ECO MODE: 10 years typically
  • BEACON MODE: 2 years typically

Transmission frequency

  • BEACON ECO Mode: every 3 seconds
  • BEACON Mode: every 4 seconds

Plant identification in case of neighbouring installations

Area of application:

Indoor localisation


When you install the battery-operated beacon in your premises, you can determine the position of an employee within an accuracy of one metre in the event of an alarm. When an emergency call is made, the localisation data is sent to the alarm server or directly to the helper via the personal emergency-call device.


Outdoor localisation


Along with internal localisation options, you can also equip the entire worksite with the locator beacons and protect the lone worker all over the whole site.

Indoor localisation 

Outdoor localisation 


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