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Occupational safety and health protection are based on ethical principles that are not implemented consistently in all industrial societies. Familiar environments are being affected by globalisation. Previously unknown risks need to be taken into account now and detection and defence mechanisms need to be implemented. This gives rise to new demands on technical solutions, which need to facilitate mobility despite the aggravating, complex risk situation.


The Felsenmeer personal alarm system provides additional safety whenever people are out of sight or out of earshot of others, move around in hazardous situations or simply live alone. It enables quick rescue through localisation and alarm triggering without restricting mobility.


A number of technologies are applied here:


  • High-resolution radio localisation in the building - can be adjusted depending on the situation
  • GPS for outdoor localisation
  • GSM, UMTS and LTE for the transmission and processing of alarms


The effective Felsenmeer personal alarm system conforms to top safety standards. 


FELSENMEER AG is Europe’s leading manufacturer of UMTS-based mobile safety systems. Our immediate living and work environments are constantly changing.


Progressive automation has led to more and more workers who work on their own. New risks need to be identified and minimised.

Our solution enables full mobility of the lone worker even in complex risk situations.



The tried and tested design, durability and range of functions of our devices are "state of the art". Large international groups are already using our personal alarm system.


Our solution makes use of public mobile phone networks. This decreases installation costs and makes it possible to speak to the lone worker by telephone.


The audio connection makes it possible to provide prompt assistance to anybody who has had an accident or is in distress. 


Areas of application

Our personal alarm system can be used in most situations. FELSENMEER products also include ATEX Zone 2.


You take care of your safety concept and we take care of suitable and compatible system components. Reduce your costs by simplifying the start-up - avoid uncertainties in component analysis.



12.12.2017 - Product announcement

An appealing presentation of wares in technical sales and distribution contributes significantly to your success. Be it in your store or in the field service, our portable demonstration kit is perfectly suitable for daily use and guarantees an impeccable presentation. We are pleased to introduce our DEMO-CASE FELSENMEER PAS.

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